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Video Workshops, Bible Studies, and more for Kids, Students, & Adults!

Welcome to Connect Church On Demand! Over the past few years we have continued to build a library of workshops, Bible studies, & other resources for Kids, Students, & Adults.

By clicking the links below, you have access to the following:

In addition, you'll find our new Homeworks workshops that began in September of 2022 below.

On Wednesday nights, we are working through a series of workshops that focus on the primary relationships in our lives: Parenting, Marriage, Personal, & our relationship with God's Word. Through teaching, discussion, & and being in community with one another, we'll be equipped & empowered, using Scripture as our source, to make Jesus the center of our homes.

We know families come in all shapes and sizes - single parent, nuclear, grandfamilies, stepfamilies, blended families, large families, and small families. Whichever one you are in, we want to equip and empower you, using Scripture as our source, to make Jesus the center of your home and experience His blessing daily. We are FOR all families, including yours, and we know a strong family starts with a solid foundation.
Parentworks | How to Make Friends
Parentworks | Battling Anxiety
Parentworks | How to Pray For & With Your Kids

All truth is God's truth; apart from Him, we cannot know it. We'll discuss common yet complex questions about our faith, Scripture, and what God has said that informs how we believe and behave. Through a community, we'll grow deeper in our faith and understanding of God's Word.
Truthworks | Origin of Angels
Truthworks | Origin of Demons
Truthworks | Can a Christian be Possessed
Truthworks | Can I Trust my Bible? Part 1 &2
Truthworks | Can I Trust my Bible? Part 3

Marriage symbolizes Christ's love for His Church and the Church's love for Him. Whether you're recently engaged, newly married, married for years, or even currently single, we want to help you uncover the purpose and fulfillment God has planned for your marriage. So, connect with a community. We will walk alongside each other, growing our marital understanding with Jesus at the center.
Marriageworks: Oneness or Isolation

Have you ever wondered, "how do I... study my Bible? Pray? Share my testimony?" You are not alone! Together, we'll process spiritual disciplines that promote spiritual growth and begin forming fundamental habits that form us according to His plan. Join with a community of men/women pursuing the same goal and growing more like Jesus every day in every way.
Faithworks: Men's Ministry | How to Study the Bible? PT1
Faithworks: Women's Ministry | How to Study the Bible? PT1
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We launched Connect 20 years ago with a goal for our Church family to spend at least 20 minutes in God’s Word, worship, and prayer, daily.

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